Andrew and Teddy

Andrew Griffin was born in Massachusetts. His degrees in Nuclear Engineering, Physics and Materials Engineering led him to New Jersey where he landed a job at Lucent Technologies’ Bell Laboratories working on optical circuits. After his wife finished her PhD in Chemical and Bio-Mollecular Engineering they moved home where he started his new career: destroying things with lasers. Yes, it’s sometimes as cool as it sounds.

Half of idea for his first book came to him where all ideas are born, in the shower. Where the other half came from is anyone’s guess, but it was probably from watching one too many Joss Whedon shows. A fan of Science Fiction and Fantasy since almost when he learned to read, he has devoured more books than he cares to count. With a library that includes Pratchett, Rowling, Murakami, Anthony, The Eddings’, Asimov, Adams and Jordan, his stories contain science that sometimes looks like magic and magic that is very no-nonsense.

When he’s not writing or destroying things with lasers, Andrew spends his “free time” coaching soccer, chaperoning ski trips, folding laundry and helping to make sure the house doesn’t fall down.

This page was last updated on 18 March, 2018.