I’ve been researching Self Publishing for a long time, here is a bunch of stuff that I’ve found very useful:
The Science Fiction and Fantasy Marketing Podcast: Excellent and extensive podcast for authors.
Jenna Moreci : Follows a fledgling author from pre-release through two released books. She also answers a lot of questions. And is a Cyborg. Rated “S” for swearing.
Libbie Hawker’s how to write an awesome Blurb or Query: For those hard to write two paragraph summaries to go on the back of your book.
Bowker, ISBNs in the US: Don’t buy only one, really.
The Book Cover Designer : Extensive online storefront for freelance cover designers.
Freelanced.com : Listing of Freelance cover designers.
Goodreads’ Beta Readers group : I’ve used this on several occasions.
Conosaurus : Searchable database of lots of conventions, find one near you. This is now defunct. 🙁
Smashwords : One of the first indie e-book distribution houses. Also check out Mark’s Podcast.
Draft 2 Digital : A competitor to Smashwords, has some excellent formatting for your book, or so I’ve heard.
The EFA : The Editorial Freelancers Association. Find an editor. Everyone needs one.
https://www.zenbusiness.com/info/writing-careers this was suggested to me by a young author, Amelia. I’ve checked out the site and there are a lot of good resources and articles for Self Published authors and those seeking Traditional publishing. Thanks, Amelia.

These sites were last checked on 31 January, 2020