The series that started me off. The Amara’s Law series is a science fiction story about a girl, well more than just a girl. Artificial implants, genetic manipulation, technology run amok and human mutations. Oh, and lots of death and destruction. Good times. This series is now under contract with Carson Press: and is currently undergoing a complete makeover, sort of. I’ve blurred the covers as those are not released yet, but left the descriptions to leave some idea on what the books are about. Release of Blood Tech is slated for April 2024.

Progress on Amara’s Law: Blood Tech:

No name, no memories, just increible power

Book 1 of the Amara’s Law Series. A young woman is caught in a web of deceit, lies and subtle machinations. Immersed in the worst abuse of technology the world has ever seen, she must rely on her creativity and her strange bio-mech powers to survive. Her path puts her on a collision course with a powerful multinational company that has eyes in the military, fingers in every hospital, ears in every police station and hands in every government office in the world. Her encounters with the company’s private paramilitary security force result in gruesome death and incredible destruction. And what of the strange symbol in her pocket? What secrets does it hold? What is ONE? Why is there a number tattooed on her neck? As questions and danger swirl around her in an ever tightening spiral, her biggest problem is: she doesn’t remember any of it.

Progress on Amara’s Law: Hybrid Tech:

What lurks in the Shadows?
What lurks in the Shadows?

Book 2 of the Amara’s Law Series. The cybernetically enhanced test subjects known as The Chosen have defeated the greatest threat to humanity, the genetically altered creature known as ONE, but the victory came at a high price. They’ve lost several of their number and their leader, Thirteen, lies as though dead in a hospital bed. But strange things are happening. People are being attacked and claim a vampire is responsible. The supercomputer, Zoe, is starting to exhibit a personality. Lia is having bizarre and disturbing dreams, and the news reports suggest that another creature like ONE may be loose, this time in the city. Questions, action, and conspiracies abound, and the truth behind what is really going on may just drive one of their number insane.

Progress on Amara’s Law: Parasite Tech:

Amara's Law: Parasite Tech
The end or a new beginning?

Book 3 of the Amara’s Law Series. The Chosen are reeling from the loss of another of their number. More attacks are occurring, the nanogenes seem not to care whether their chosen host is mechanical or biological, computers are attaining sentience, wild animals are ravaging the planet and in the midst of it all, the Chosen are exposed and arrested. There is only one way to stop the unchecked spread of the nanogenes, find and destroy the facility Thomas Shadow is using to create more of them. But will Thirteen be able to convince the world to support them? Will the be able to stop Thomas or is it already too late?

Progress on Twelve’s Escape: An Amara’s Law Short Story:

Amara's Law: Twelve's Escape
The escape that started it all.

Twelve’s Escape: An Amara’s Law Short: He was going to die. That was the official medical diagnosis. But there was one chance, a new technology that could completely replace his failing circulatory system. When he awoke from the surgery he found he was not in the hospital anymore. He also found a few other things had changed: He could see through walls, talk to machines and a few other things. He had to escape before whoever was holding him tortured him to death. But first he had to get off the bed he was strapped to…

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