Progress on Tooth Fairy Chronicles Book 1: Sleep is Overrated:

The books in the Tooth Fairy Chronicles:

Book 1 (Release Scheduled): Sleep is Overrated:

Del loves her job as the Tooth Fairy; the work is steady, the kids are great and the parents handle all the complaints. In fact, her job would be perfect if she didn’t also have to clean the nightmares out of children’s dream catchers.

When a routine dream catcher cleaning goes sideways, Del discovers something truly horrifying: someone is harvesting the dangerous nightmare energy. A LOT of it. Who is collecting it? What are they using it for? Del can’t help but investigate and soon finds herself in the middle of a centuries-old conspiracy with no idea of whom to trust. As the attacks start coming from every side, Del must foil a plot she knows nothing about before an old evil is unleashed on the world.

Forget what you know about fairytales and myths and get ready for a magical mystery romp with a new take on old characters: the Tooth Fairy, Tinker Bell, the Librarian, the Fairy Godmother, and the Sand Man!

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