Progress on Toothfairy Chronicles Book 1: Sleep is Overrated:

The books in the Tooth Fairy Chronicles:

Book 1: Sleep is Overrated (working title):

Delinda (Please, call me Del) What? Oh, very well. DEL likes her job, it’s quiet, it takes her to interesting places and she gets to look at sleeping children every night. She’s not creepy, she’s the Tooth Fairy. But there’s more to being the Tooth Fairy than just going around collecting teeth and leaving money. Occasionally she has to empty Dream Catchers of their nightmares. But when a routine emptying goes completely sideways her quiet little job blows up in her face. Someone is collecting nightmare energy, more energy than is needed for, well, anything. Who is collecting it? What are they using it for? What is the meaning of the strange symbol on the energy vessel? And who is trying to kill her? Unfortunately, all the evidence points to the head of Fairy Central who just happens to be Del’s mom, Tinker bell.

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