Update: 27 March, 2021: Things are moving again. With the notification of possible fairs in the fall and the upcoming vaccine availability to the general public, I’ve started looking at publishing again. My usual cover artist broker her drawing hand so I’ve had to bring in another artist. Luckily We had quite a few sketches so the cover should come along pretty quick. You can see a blurred version of a draft on the Amara’s Law page.

Update: 21 May, 2020: I’ve updated a few things on the site including a perma-link to the sample for my first book on the front page. My book publishing has stalled a little because of economic uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus. Please bear with me, I’ll have the next books published as fast as I can. Book 2: Hybrid tech is having it’s cover designed and it waiting for editing. The Tooth Fairy Chronicles Book 1 is in post beta revision.

Update May, 2019: Amara’s Law is Published! It will be available on Kindle unlimited for the next 90 days then will be available for wide distribution after that.

15 March, 2018: The first book the Law series, Amara’s Law, has gone through primary edit and is now waiting for a cover and copy editing. Hopefully I’ll be able to save enough money to get covers soon. The second book, Murphy’s Law, is currently in Beta. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it out of beta, through second draft and by then have money for an editor.

I have a second series called the Toothfairy Chronicles. This series follows the most recent Toothfairy, Delinda (who like to be called Del) as she tries to do her job, but ends up being scratched, hit, blown up, arrested, kidnapped, tied up and hospitalized. Oh, and she ends up preventing the dream world from invading the real world. Good times.

I have a fourth book/series. This one follows a physics professor who gets in over his head. After a visit from a former colleague, people end up chasing him, shooting at him, threatening him and trying to bribe him. All for an odd piece of glass he found in his pocket.

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